Live Whale Tracking

The Icelandic Marine Research Institute (MRI) executes various researches in marine life in the sea around Iceland. One area of that research focuses on tagging whales to study their behavior and travels.

On January 28th MRI tagged two humpback whales close to Ædey Island (West fjords). Information has been transmitted from one of them; he swam out of the West fjords the day after being tagged. From there he headed straight West and into Greenland´s sea jurisdiction. On the 2nd of January the Humpback whale was located 460km west of Snæfellsnes, about 170km from the shores of Greenland.

Each day the tag sends updated information on the whale´s location and updates the map below.

Heildarvegalengd         Vegalengd    Breidd     Lengd

Hnúfubakur merktur 28.01.2010.       (Mælingarnar eru óyfirfarnar.)