Reykjavik Nature Information

Iceland´s geographical history dates back 16 million years. The nature of this Atlantic island is unique, however you look at it.

You are invited to experience one of the few places in the world that still can pride them self in having clean and un-spoiled nature. Glaciers, volcanoes, glacial lagoons, geysers, breathtaking waterfalls and arctic mountains are just few of the attractions that tourists get to explore while in Iceland.  The diversity of it´s nature is almost unmatched.

Iceland is a relatively big country, around 103.000 square kilometres. Most of the country is uninhabited and populated areas are usually located near the sea. The highlands of Iceland are mostly arctic deserts with glaciers, volcanoes and mountains.  Walking trips into the highlands are available and are an unforgettable experience. The weather in the Icelandic highlands is unpredictable and no one should venture into them alone or un-prepared.

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