Food and Fun 2014

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Food & Fun: the name says it all.

Food & Fun: the name says it all. This culinary festival is the main event of the late winter in Reykjavík and has been every year since 2002. This winter it will occur on Feb 26th – March 2nd 2014, for the 13th year in a row. The festival blends exceptional culinary expertise from around the world with fresh Icelandic ingredients, and the (in)famous nightlife of Reykjavik, - so it's a lot of FOOD and a lot of FUN!

The basic idea is to bring world-renowned chefs and teaming them up with high-class restaurants in Reykjavik to create their own menu for the week, at the end of which there's a cooking competition between the chefs. Their competition entry consists of three courses made from the purest Icelandic ingredients. Each entry is then evaluated by a panel of celebrity chefs and the winner is given an award. 


Delicious icelandic lamb and whiskey at the Food and Fun festival


Originally, the festival was intended both to draw attention the quality of Icelandic ingredients, food production and cuisine and as a different kind of attraction in the off season in Iceland. Since the festival's inauguration 13 years ago, more than 200 foreign chefs have taken part in the competition, contributing to the reputation of Iceland and Reykjavík as a foodie must-see (or taste?). In fact, National Geographic named Food and Fun as a one of the most noteworthy food festivals around the world.

Participating in Food and Fun this year are some of Reykjavik's finest restaurants, including, SteikhúsiðRub 23Sjávargrillið,  HöfninKolabrautinGrilliðFish CompanyVoxGrillmarkaðurinnGallerí Restaurant Hotel HoltFish Market, and Dill Restaurant.

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