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Diving in Iceland isn't as cold as the country's name might imply - you generally wear a thermal drysuit which keeps you surprisingly warm!

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Magmadive is a tour company which specialises in photography diving tours. They have years of experience and an impeccable reputation which ensures the experience of a lifetime and the utmost safety. They emphasize a high standard of personal service from the moment you send a booking request. Their philosophy is that of "slowing down" for their client, taking in fewer people at a time to provide a high-quality, tailor made experience.

On a dive tour in Iceland, you can explore the mighty Mid-Atlantic Rift, between the American and Eurasian tectonic plates, with your own eyes. The spectacular rock formations of the ancient lava which have been pushed up by the sea floor will give you a glimpse into a long-lost world. In some of the lakes, the glacial water, filtered through volcanic rock, becomes incredibly clear, offering visibility of 120m or more underwater. 

David Ramsay, the head of the operation, is a trained diver and chef in the British Royal Navy. It's his vision for adventure "in every breath, every dive and every tank" that forms the operations of the company, along with his passion for real food and quality, comprehensive service. He heads a team of experienced and professional dive guides that will take care of your every need while you're here.

Magmadive offers tours to the Silfra continental fissure in Thingvellir National Park, to Thingvallavatn lake, to the unique underwater fumarole Strytan, as well as Heli diving tours and trips further afield, such as to the Westman Islands. 

For transport between dives, Magmadive uses luxurious, leather seated, powerful 4X4 vehicles, or in the case of heli diving, helicopters. Their diving gear is top of the line and specifically designed for Icelandic conditions. As part of their service they provide home-made soup, artisan bread and real hot chocolate. 

Address: Magmadive ehf Skólavörðustígur 38 , Capital Area, 101 View Larger Map