Íslenski Barinn - The Icelandic Bar
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Íslenski Barinn - The Icelandic Bar - Reykjavik

Be sure to sample the dried fish, try the Shark and of course don't forget the Brennivin!

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The name of the Icelandic bar is both apt and misleading at the same time. It actually is an Icelandic bar, but that description still falls short of indicating the atmosphere of the place. Not only is it an Icelandic bar, it's also an Icelandic restaurant, as well as a (successful) attempt to capture and preserve the very essence of what it means to be Icelandic. The Icelandic Bar is in close contact with the cultural and historical culture of our ancient nation, but never fails to add a twist of a more modern time, keeping the atmosphere up-to-date instead of transforming the place into a time capsule.

The interior design contains elements of Icelandic culture throughout the 20th century, a revolutionary period in Icelandic history, all tied together for a timeless, instead of outdated, feel. The menu follows the same creed, with Icelandic ingredients (try the whale or the dried fish, for example) and techniques updated for the modern diner. The food is affordable and delicious. We especially recommend the "Not-Dogs", where exciting and innovative fillings have replaced the traditional sausage of the classic Icelandic hot dog.

Icelandic beer has been going through a renaissance period in the last few years, with several microbreweries popping up, and the Icelandic bar, of course, serves all the Icelandic beers on the market. If beer isn't your drink of choice, several liqueurs and spirits produced in Iceland are also available. Ask the staff, they're always friendly and helpful!

Address: Ingólfsstræti 1 , Capital Area, 101 View Larger Map