Reykjavik Transfer Information

Getting around in Reykjavik is fairly easy. The downtown area is best explored on foot due to the relatively small size of the area but if you are planning to go somewhere outside the great downtown area, you have the options of taking a taxi or a bus.

Taxis are available anywhere in the capital area. In downtown Reykjavik they can be found at various designated places. More often than not they are also available outside the major hotels of Reykjavik. All hotels and restaurants will also call a taxi if needed. You can spot them by their yellow "taxi" sign on the roof. All taxis will charge by the meter.

If you would like to take a bus to your destination then we advise you to use the Reykjavik bus website to get information on schedules and routes. The website offers an online search engine to find the best route to your destination.

Taxi stations:

Hreyfill taxi
Tel. +354 5 88 55 22

BSR Taxi
Tel. +354 561 0000